Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Game 17: 720 Degrees

As you may know, I recently took an unscheduled break from No Batteries. Right before I did, I played this game and took a bunch of screenshots. Now, all I can remember is that I hate, hate, hate this game. I've been stuck on this entry for the better part of six months, as it relentlessly taunts me from its colorful, spinny throne.

Well, screw it. I'm not going to write anything, I'm just going to show you all the screenshots and perhaps make unintelligible comments.

And then we'll move on.

I'm an expert in self abuse

I saw this a lot - it's quite frightening

Oh yeah, I remember now. That pink blob is a bunch of deadly bees in the shape of scissors because vidgames

Got a bronze you sons of monkeys

Yeah well you could use


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha no

Clearly I should be going through the flags. But I don't have to obey anyone else's rules, I'm a surly skater with a 'tude

Have you heard of my new metal band, Bee Hammer?

Oh god not the Nobs again
Alright, done. Never playing this game again. Let's move on.

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